This Season’s Hottest Floral Trend

Spring and summer 2015 is an exciting time for weddings. This season, weddings are all about individuality and unique style – it’s definitely not the year for retro or throwback trends. Flowers, in particular, are being used in many different ways.

Think dramatic, romantic and versatile: the fresh picked looked is very popular and the top choices for flowers are English roses, peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias and ranunculus. Our uniquely sweet arrangement includes several of the top contenders (roses, peonies and hydrangeas!)


If you want to keep it simple with one type of flower, our perfect peonies provide a beautiful burst of coral.


Our favorite trend of 2015 requires you to look up and take note of nature’s candy. We’ve fallen in love with the idea of suspending your centerpieces above your dining tables. Check out these examples of taking your floral arrangements to new heights:

The simple “just picked” look that is so popular right now is a wonderful addition to a reception room or outdoor tent.


Leafy flowers and ferns pack a green punch and can be added to the mix for extra color and variety – you can also try herbs like rosemary, mint, lemon leaf or ivy and maidenhair ferns.


Tulips are the quintessential springtime flower – hang them upside and pair them with beautiful glass globes or lanterns for a light and airy feel.


Make a toast to your beloved under a canopy of beautiful lighting and floating flowers!


These designs can transform any wedding into an ethereal atmosphere. What do you think of suspended floral centerpieces?



Outrageous Flower Inspired Shoes

Flower prints are extremely popular this year so we thought we’d have some fun and show you some fabulous floral friendly shoes that we stumbled across. What do you think? Would you wear any of these shoes?

prada-flower-shoes  Satin Prada shoes with plastic flower heels

smalltocheapblogspot Silver glamorous heels

Blue-Wedding-Shoes Blue heels

image-credit-shoeper-woman Pink dot heels

Image result for flowers heels Chunky block heels

Image result for flowers heels Strappy Rose High heels

Image result for flowers heels Glitter Flowers Super Stiletto High Heels

National Rose Month

White is Hope and New Beginnings

June is National Rose Month. There are so many colors, hybrids and  varieties that choosing the perfect bouquet can be overwhelming. Why not pay homage to days past with a classic cream and white arrangement? White and ivory flowers also happen to be on trend for the 2015 spring and summer season.

Traditionally, the white rose is a symbolized innocence and purity and was a fitting way to say farewell to a friend or to recognize a new beginning. In 14th century England, the white rose was the heraldic sign of The Duke of York who faced off with the Lancaster family, associated with the red rose. This is where the phrase War of the Roses stems from (pun fully intended).

Bask in the beauty of the simple white rose with no color to upstage it.

Sentimental in Silver

BS Sentimental in Silver WM



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Choose the best one! :’)


When you hear the news that a friend or family member has fallen ill, your first thought is probably, “What can I do to help them?” While you may not be able to care for them physically, there’s plenty you can do to lift their spirits and wish them a speedy recovery. Sending get well soon flowers is a great way to add color and life to a hospital room or bedroom.

get well soon flowers with card message

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Flowers

When it comes to sending flowers, there are really no wrong choices. Any gift you send will be greatly appreciated and admired. That being said, there are ways to make sure you choose the absolute perfect floral arrangement for your loved one.

  • Don’t be afraid of color. It may be tempting at first to choose more somber or subtle colors for a sick loved one, but studies have shown that brightly colored flowers actually make people happier.
  • Choose long-lasting flowers. Especially if their stay will be longer than a few days, you want to choose a sturdy flower known for its long life. Carnations, orchids, and chrysanthemums are all known for having long vase lives.
  • Based on the season. Bring what your loved one is seeing through their window into their room by choosing flowers that are currently in bloom.
  • Easy to care for. Your loved one may not have the strength or time to care for specialty blooms, so stick to flowers that thrive on just a bit of water and sunlight.
  • Consider hypoallergenic. If your loved one has allergies or other ailments that could be exacerbated by pollen, play it safe with hypoallergenic flowers.

The Best Get Well Flower Choices

Red Carnations

Known to represent strength and perseverance, red carnations are a beautiful addition to any bedside table, no matter the season.

Carnation bouquet in glass vase on table


This traditional springtime flower adorns blooms anywhere from 5 – 7 inches wide, making them a real showstopper and a more unique choice. Plus, they symbolize good health and healing, making them the perfect symbolic gift to send to your loved one.

pink peonies

pink peonies


Leave it to sunflowers to bring their sunny disposition into any room. With their bright yellow blooms and long, thick stems, perhaps no flower can put a smile on someone’s face quite like a sunflower.

sunflower bouquet


Succulents have made a big comeback in recent years, especially among young adults. Best of all, they check off just about every box, seeing as how they sprout colorful buds, last for years when cared for properly, are easy to care for, and hypoallergenic.

succulent plant


As a flower that symbolizes new beginnings and prosperity, daisies make a beautifully uplifting gift to someone going through a tough time. Daisies are also the April birth month flower and make a lovely gift for April babies.

yellow and white daisies

With delivery available to a home or hospital, nothing says “I’m wishing you a speedy recovery” quite like our handcrafted get well flowers and gifts.


Flowers are a great gift but sometimes you might want something to go with them. Some of these suggestions may seem not inedible, but there’s always a way to put a spin on an old classic. Many florists also carry gift items, so chances are you won’t have to go far to find these. If your florist doesn’t carry gift items, ask them if it’s okay for you to include a little something extra to go with your flower arrangement.

Related image


Candy Bouquet

Flowers and candy probably seem like that classic combo that too many people are tired of seeing, but try to think outside the box when choosing candy to send with your flowers. Don’t feel limited to the standard box of chocolates. Get their favorite sour gummy worms or even chocolates filled with liqueur.

Image result for seed starter kit

                                                                        Seed Starter Kits

Give them flowers for now and a seed starter kit to have flowers for later! This is a neat way for them to try their own hand at growing some flowers, or even a miniature vegetable or herb garden. Many of these kits are made to be grown anywhere, including small apartments.

Image result for wine flowers pictures


Sometimes we all need a little help to unwind after a stressful day or week. Flowers will help give them a mood boost and wine will help them relax. Combine these with a nice dinner at home, and you’re set for a great night in!

Image result for mini spa kit

                                                                                   Mini Spa Kit

Grab a lavender scented candle, some bath bombs, and nice face mask and you have a mini spa kit that will help them unwind. The flowers will make them feel extra pampered while they soak the day away.

                                        Related image

                                                                       Photo Album

A photo album or photo book filled with your favorite pictures is a wonderful addition to send with flowers. This would be especially good for a birthday or anniversary gift. It’s an easy way to show your love through the years, or your best adventures together.

Related image


Another oldie but goodie? Adding a piece of jewelry to a flower arrangement. Whoever you are sending flowers to will get to enjoy the flowers and continue to enjoy your gift each time they wear the jewelry you gave them!

Related image

                                                                             Gift card

Gift cards are an easy way to give a little extra joy to whoever you are sending flowers to. This one is as simple as slipping the gift card into the enclosure card!