March’s Flower of the Month: Daffodils

With more sunshine and slowly rising temperatures, your mind might be all about bright and happy things. Few flowers capture that as well as daffodils. These cheerful blooms make the ideal spring plant and are coincidentally March’s flower of the month. Learn more about daffodils and how you can add them into your home:


What Are Daffodils
Daffodils most commonly appear in shades of yellow and white. They can also feature accents of orange. These colors paint six petals and a trumpet that rests atop them. Overall, the blooms appear to be announcing spring. Daffodils are perennials that pop up at the end of winter or the beginning of spring, depending on the weather and when they’re planted. They usually bloom in groups, making them an excellent choice for gardens – you’ll have color in your yard before the trees even start to bud. Avid planters also like daffodils because they’re hearty. They do, however, require ample moisture while growing.

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The Meaning of Daffodils
Like all flowers, daffodils carry a symbolic meaning, letting you send a message when presenting loved ones with a bouquet. As you might expect, these flowers are associated with rebirth and happiness, as they’re spring-blooming plants. Additionally, some cultures believe them to be good luck charms for wealth, particularly if they bloom early. However, that good luck can turn to poor fortune if you present someone a single daffodil. Instead, present a whole bouquet.

In addition to bringing life, joy and prosperity, daffodils are the March birth flower and a traditional gift on 10th wedding anniversaries.

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Caring for Cut Daffodil Flowers
If you’re giving a daffodil bouquet as a gift or enjoying one at home, make sure you take care of the flowers. Fortunately, that process will be the same for these blooms as it is for others. Clean the vase and add new water every three days, or sooner if the water becomes cloudy, to prevent bacteria from growing too quickly. Additionally, place your vase in a sunny environment but avoid direct sunlight to ensure your daffodils don’t overheat – this can cause them to wilt prematurely. Many florists choose to cut the flowers before they’re fully open, as this helps them last longer. If the bouquet you order arrives and they’re still closed, give them some time and care.

Additionally, daffodil’s sap is harmful to other plants. As a result, most bouquets featuring these flowers don’t have any other blooms in them. For example, you’ll love Teleflora’s Daffodil Dreams bouquet, which makes this flower the star of the arrangement. Yellow and orange petals are surrounded by greenery and stored in a square glass vase.


We hope you are able to enjoy March’s flower of the month and incorporate it into your home this spring! The pop from these yellow flowers might be just what you need to get through your day.



Meanings Behind Our Mother’s Day Bouquets

Meanings Behind Our Mother’s Day Bouquets
Teleflora’s Mother’s Day Bouquets
Your mom filled your life with color, beauty and meaning. This Mother’s Day, it’s time to return the favor by gifting her the perfect bouquet. When selecting the ideal flowers for your mom, consider the meanings behind the blooms. Learn the meanings behind our Mother’s Day bouquets and choose which arrangement to send Mom this year:

Sparkle And Shine Bouquet

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Teleflora’s Sparkle and Shine Bouquet boasts bright blossoms and a stunning, limited edition metallic glazed ceramic vase. This bouquet is all about being fun and fabulous, just like mom! The flowers featured in the Sparkle and Shine arrangement include:

Dark pink roses: Roses possess different meanings depending on their hue. The dark pink variety featured in the Sparkle and Shine bouquet are thought to represent gratitude, making them the perfect way to say “thank you, mom!”
White Asiatic lilies: Asiatic lilies are another prominent blossom in this stunning floral arrangement.These are a mid-sized, lightly fragrant lily and have been used in traditional celebrations for hundreds of years. These buds are thought to represent purity, fertility and motherhood, making them an excellent choice for Mother’s Day.
Chrysanthemums: In Japanese culture, these flowers are seen as symbols of the sun due to their round shape and long, skinny petals, which resemble rays of light. They’re thought to encourage long, healthy lives, and are representations of perfection and meditation.
Stock: Also known by the name gillyflower, stock flowers are well-loved for their sweet fragrance and abundance of blossoms. These blossoms represent contentment and happy living.

Splendid Garden Bouquet

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If your mom has a green thumb, consider the Splendid Garden Bouquet, whose gorgeous flowers come contained in a limited edition reusable watering can. The flowers featured in the Splendid Garden Bouquet include:

Crème roses: This arrangement prominently features crème roses, which are considered emblems of humility and innocence.
Pink miniature carnations: Pink carnations are a symbol of gratitude. They are also associated with the Virgin Mary, and have come to represent a mother’s undying love. As such, they’re a perfect addition to a meaningful Mother’s Day gift.
Statice: Often called “sea lavender,” statice has become associated with concepts of remembrance and commemoration. The Splendid Garden Bouquet features the purple variety of these versatile blossoms.


Dancing Violets Bouquet

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The Dancing Violets Bouquet features a modern glass cube vase, complete with a whimsical pressed violet motif. This arrangement is the perfect balance of modern and traditional, making it perfect for moms with all different styles and tastes. Its blossoms include:

Lavender roses: These whimsical flowers represent two emotions every new mom feels when she’s handed her bundle of joy: enchantment and love at first sight.
Purple carnations: Purple carnations symbolize whimsy and unpredictability. Mom has definitely enjoyed watching her children grow, but it has likely kept her on her toes.
Chrysanthemums: Rounding out this beautiful message are chrysanthemums, whose sun-like buds are symbols of long, healthy lives. After all, that’s what your mom has always wanted for her beloved children!

Artisanal Beauty Bouquet

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If your mom loves to entertain, gift her the Artisanal Beauty Bouquet, which features a food-safe pitcher she can use long after your Mother’s Day celebrations are over. The bouquet’s floral selections include:

Crème roses: Off-white roses are bursting from this arrangement, offering a message of innocence and humility.
Alstroemeria: These flowers, which resemble small lilies, are representative of devotion and friendship – two important facets of a mother-child relationship.
Stock: Through the purple blossoms of stock, wish your mother a lifetime of happy living and contentment.


We hope you are able to find the perfect Mother’s Day flower arrangement to send Mom this year. We can promise that no matter which one you choose, she will absolutely love it!

Best Smelling Flowers to Give as a Gift

When flowers are added to a space, they provide more than just beauty – they also fill the air with their enchanting scents. Next time you’re looking for a special way to show your loved ones you care, give them the gift of natural fragrance with dazzling bouquets. Read on to discover some of the best smelling flowers to give as a gift this summer:


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The hyacinth flower is well-known among gardeners and flower enthusiasts for its sweet, earthy and robust scent. The plant’s fragrance is so sweet, in fact, that it acts as a natural deterrent from animals and pests that may otherwise find its bright bulbs quite enticing. These blossoms make stunning additions to bouquets, as exemplified by Teleflora’s Spring Equinox and Spring Favorites arrangements.



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For a fruity scent delivered in a colorful package, look no further than the freesia. According to Balcony Garden Web, these blossoms are popular among European florists, who favor the flower for its wine-like aroma. Freesias can be grown in a variety of colors, including white, like in Teleflora’s Spring Rhapsody bouquet, and hot pink, like in the Roman Holiday arrangement.



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Who among us doesn’t love to stop and smell the roses? There’s a reason these flowers have become synonymous with rich, luxurious fragrance – they’re truly nature’s perfume. Roses are just as versatile as they are sweet-smelling, and can be incorporated into bouquets for any occasion. For a sunset color palette, check out the Blossoms in Vogue arrangement. Evoke classic romance and old Hollywood glamor with the Always on My Mind Long Stemmed Red Roses bouquet.



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When peony season rolls around, be sure to pick yours up right away! This blossom is only in bloom for a fleeting amount of time, typically between April and June. The wait is worth it, however – these colorful buds are packed with sweet fragrance. Get your peony fix with Teleflora’s Perfect Peonies and Teleflora’s Pretty in Peony arrangements.


Sweet Pea

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Often used as a fragrance in perfume, lotion and other bath products, sweet pea flowers deliver a light yet wholesome aroma. Fresh sweet peas provide a smell that mixes nicely with other florals and classic buds that fit neatly into any arrangement. Show your friends and family you love them by gifting this delicious fragrance, available in Teleflora’s Isn’t It Romantic and Kensington Gardensby Teleflora arrangements.



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Lilies have long been a go-to fragrant floral. These dramatic, open buds fill any space with their yummy, enticing perfume. Lilies are grown in many colors, and are perfect for all occasions. One of the most popular arrangements among Teleflora’s lily lovers is the Always a Lady bouquet, which features stunning pink blossoms. For a touch of whimsy, check out the enchanting Yellow Fellow arrangement.


Summer is full of amazing scents, and these are just a few flowers that will bring the season inside. Tell us below what flowers are your favorite!


Hanging Flower Arrangements Trend for 2017

The traditional bouquet will always be a classic. It’s a romantic gesture, can serve as an apology, and is just a nice way to say, hello. With so many different receptacles for your flowers, a bouquet will never be boring: vases, baskets, pots, and even old knick-knacks can be used to hold your favorite blooms anywhere around the house. But what about a different way to decorate with flowers? How about starting to hang them. We are loving hanging plants this year because they’re just so darn adaptable. If you haven’t considered them before, here are some ideas of where to use hanging flower arrangements:

Small Porches

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Strapped for space but want some nature around? A hanging arrangement is the perfect compliment to a small porch space. You can have your flowers suspended and smell their fresh fragrance without losing precious porch real estate. If your home is high up in an apartment block, the hanging arrangement will bring the nature to you.

Upcoming Nuptials

Why not consider a hanging arrangement over your guests’ tables as wedding decorations? It might take a little bit more wrangling and imagination, but if your venue is in a renovated barn or older building, the ceilings may be low enough to support hanging flower arrangements. Check with your wedding planner, but keep the idea at the front of your mind. And remember: the centerpiece can be a great take-home gift if guests make the request.

At the Front Door

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A small hanging flower arrangement can provide an excellent seasonal accompaniment to your front door area. It’s fairly easy to attach a hook to the wall by the door, and you can either choose plants that will thrive in a variety of weathers, or just pick temporary arrangements. Why not match the colors of the season? Ferns and evergreens will look charming in the winter, while bright and bold flowers can accentuate the summer months.

For a Bedridden Friend

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A friend or family member who has fallen ill would likely appreciate some charming blooms to cut the gloom. Try a hanging arrangement which can be placed near their bed, preferably by a window. Bringing a little of the outside inside can brighten their situation and let them know you they are in your thoughts.

At a Dinner Party
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Having friends over for dinner? Why not decorate with a hanging flower arrangement? It can look grand over the table, or if you have a mantle, perhaps it can be mounted there – of course, only if you are not using your fireplace.

Wherever you choose to add a pop of color with a hanging arrangement, it will certainly add a modern twist on plants and flowers. Hanging arrangements are versatile, multi-purpose and definitely attractive.


Top Colors for Fall Flowers

Fall can be a season of reflection. It’s a time for settling into your home after lots of summer adventuring, travel and simply being outside. People tend to decorate their homes in festive harvest shades, inspired in a great capacity by the changing leaves outside. Fall is also an opportune time for a redecorating project; a chance to freshen up the home and prepare for the holiday season and upcoming Winter. With that said, here are the top colors for fall flowers and how to add them into your home:

Look to the Leaves for Inspiration

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In many parts of the country, the leaves turn dramatic shades of red, orange, yellow and rust in the fall. Many people find there is a good leaf-viewing spot within reasonable driving distance. When out on a fall hike, collect leaves to turn into a wreath at home. Those with young children can make leaf pictures by attaching the leaves to construction paper and encouraging them to draw a fall scene. Or, they can combine several bold and bright leaves to make a collage of sorts, layering and playing with all the different shades.

Additionally, there are many fall flowers that complement the beautiful leaf colors we enjoy this time of year. Placing an arrangement in your home that includes orange carnations, bright yellow sunflowers and dramatic fall chrysanthemums can enhance the spicy, cozy fall feelings.



The Best Flowers for Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Cue the rockin’ around the Christmas tree, kissing under the mistletoe and indulging in all things joyful and bright. Fill your spaces with red, green and white blooms for a welcoming touch of Christmas cheer. Flowers brighten any occasion, and we’re here to bring you the best flowers for Christmas. From poinsettias to wreaths, embrace the holiday spirit with these festive blooms:


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These cherry red and deep green beauties are the most recognizable Christmas flower—even though poinsettias are actually plants. While their bright leaves look like flower petals, poinsettias are the most popular potted plant of the season. Thankfully, the rumors of their poisonous nature are not true, other than mildy to your pet! Stick with red or put a twist on tradition with a white poinsettia. Even better, display both red and white together for layers of festive florals.


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Tall and graceful with dramatic red blooms and elegant green leaves, amaryllis is another holiday favorite. This flowering plant adds vibrant color and a sweet, delicate scent to any space. It’s perfect by the fireplace, on the dining table as a statement centerpiece, or in your office. In tropical climates, you can even plant it in the garden when the holiday’s over.

Red and White Roses


You may not immediately think red roses for Christmas but they are actually a festive flower that brightens the holiday season. The red rose traditionally means love, but some believe it represents the blood of Christ during the Christmas season. Red roses paired with pinecones and ribbons give off a chic and rustic vibe. White roses symbolize purity and peace, adding a gentle touch of winter elegance to your holiday decor. With light blue hydrangea, other white flowers and sparkling accents, florists use white roses to create winter wonderland inspired arrangements.

White Lilies

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These enchanted blooms are a brilliant white, embodying a peaceful, hopeful and spirited holiday season. Traditionally, lilies are symbolic of the Virgin Mary. Aesthetically, they add a timeless look to any winter bouquet. Plus, their fresh scent complements the traditional evergreen and earthy pine fragrances of Christmas.

Christmas Trees and Wreaths

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Legend says the traditional evergreen Christmas trees have magical healing powers, and the circular shape of wreaths further symbolizes everlasting life. A classic wreath is complete with juniper, red berries and a decorative red bow. We also encourage getting creative with your magical evergreens, decorating them to fit your family’s style and endearing quirks. For smaller spaces like dorms, apartments and offices, choose a festive mini tree!

While these are the top flowers for Christmas, any type you choose will add a festive touch to your home! Send them to yourself, friends, and family members for a touching gift this year that is different from all the rest!


Gifts Your Parents and Grandparents Will Love

Your parents and grandparents always seem to get you the perfect gift, yet you’re at a loss for finding a present they’ll actually enjoy. We’re here to help! Here’s a guide to the gifts your parents and grandparents will love:

Send them Festive Flowers

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Spread holiday cheer with a festive bouquet! Send a classic Christmas poinsettia or another brilliant Christmas flower arrangement. They’ll think of you every time they look at their locally hand-crafted bouquet. Check out our Christmas Gift Guide for more inspiration. And, if you’re not sure what kind of arrangement they’ll like, check out our Deal of the Day arrangements. Simply pick your price and an expert florist will create an arrangement with gorgeous, seasonal flowers.

Capture Their Picture Perfect Family

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What’s the one thing they love unconditionally, forever and always? Their family. Find picture frames that complement their styles or print your photos on stretched canvases. If you can’t decide on the perfect photo, go for a digital frame. You may want to upload the photos yourself if your parents or grandparents aren’t overly tech-savvy. That way, it’s ready to display the moment you give it to them. Plus, they’ll appreciate the time and thought you put in to the gift. When it’s time to refresh the family photo collection, leave it in the hands of the professionals and book a special photo shoot. You can keep it intimate or invite extended family to join as well. Your parents and grandparents will appreciate preserving memories of their cherished family.

Introduce Them to New Technology

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It’s likely you’re their source of information on all things new in the digital world. Instead of leaving them out, take the time to introduce them to the technology they may find useful. They’ll appreciate your patience and enjoy learning from you. It can be as simple as setting them up with a Spotify account and showing them how to create playlists with their favorite artists. Even better, give them a wireless speaker for jamming to their new Spotify tunes. For avid readers, consider getting them a Kindle or iPad. Get them up to date on the latest gadgets and gizmos and they’ll be the trendiest parents and grandparents in town!

Get Personal

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Personalized gifts show how much thought you put into the gift. Consider a custom print featuring the coordinates or graphics of significant cities, like childhood homes, birthplaces or where they got married. For mom and grandma, go for jewelry with the birthstones of their kids and grandkids. For dad and grandpa, pick out a favorite hobby or interest, such as an engraved notebook or personalized jersey for their favorite sports team.

Shop Local

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If you don’t live in the same place as your parents and grandparents, they’ll appreciate a slice of your new home. Shop pieces from local artists: handmade candles and pottery or iconic gifts from the area. Think sand dollar ornaments from Florida, Sam Adams beer and glasses from Boston and Junior’s cheesecake from New York City. If you do any traveling throughout the year, bring home extra souvenirs for holiday gifts. They’ll be honored you thought of them during your exciting adventures. In the same vein, a mug or glass that reads “Someone in [your city here] loves you” is always a winner.

Shower Them in Simple Luxury

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There’s something magical about the little things that bring us pure joy. While they may seem a little lame, gifting pajamas, plush robes and slippers, funky socks, candles, lotions and beauty sets actually goes a long way. They’re the simple luxuries they rarely buy for themselves. You can even introduce mom and grandma to new beauty products with a sample travel bag from Sephora or book them a relaxing spa day. Give dad and grandpa shaving sets, or get them a gift card for a gourmet grooming experience at a trendy barber shop. These will be the gifts they didn’t realize they wanted!

With these perfect presents, you’ll have more fun giving than receiving this year. From flowers to local prizes, gifts that take a little extra thought and a lot of heart will always win the hearts of your loved ones.